30 August, 2008

C's FIRST (play)DATE

On Thursday our good friends Jessy, Randy, Marina and brand new baby Cara came to visit! It was great to see them after such a long time.

C and Cara had a blast hanging out and sleeping in their mommy's arms and had an afternoon snack with their Gerber bottles. Cara had a nice '08 frozen milk-bank breast milk and C had a lovely bottle of Similac Advance! Right before our friends had to leave, the two cuddled on the couch for a minute, but C wasn't too happy about it. I guess he still thinks girls have cooties! I can't believe he hasn't outgrown that phase yet!


Debbie B said...

Isabel's jealous!! :-)

They look so cute together. Glad you got to visit with them.

Amy said...

How sweet. His 1st girlfriend

MichelleAnn said...

Too cute!!

jessy said...

Wow! I'm sure not used to Cara looking BIG next to another baby. So sweet. And I love the one month pictures!!