22 August, 2008

Baby Sling/Wrap

Opinions needed. I would really like to get some sort of sling or wrap to "wear" C around the house so I can get something done. I've read some things on blogs through the years, but I never paid much attention because I didn't think it would apply to me. Well, now it does and I need advice!

I don't think I'd like the ones with all the bulky fabric, C is so tiny I'd be afraid he'd smother. But the flatter kind don't look they'd fit me, being XL and bigger in the bosom department.

Ok, Ok, I'll add a picture of C too :O)

p.s. I took him for a weigh in on Wednesday and he was up to 6 pounds 7 ounces!!

p.p.s. I don't usually let C sleep on his stomach. We had been playing on the floor and letting him have some tummy time, and he conked out so I grabbed the camera to catch a glimpse of his cuteness!


Debbie B said...

Not much help since I never found one that felt like it fit me right while holding her. But Walmart does have one if you haven't tried it. It was the best one I tried.

He must really be eating good. He's grown a lot.

Suz said...

Deb, do you recognize the blanket?? It FINALLY has a baby laying on it!!!!

The Joys of having Boys said...

Hi! I am a friend of Hopping with Joy. I have followed your blog periodically for a couple of months and I am so excited for you and little baby C. I have 3 boys of my own and I came across this carrier that is pricey, but oh so comfortable and you are able to use it for a long time. It is ergobabycarrier.com. They have a carrier then you can buy an insert for when they are teeny tiny like baby C then as they get older you won't need the insert, but can still use the carrier. It comes with an instructional video to show how to wear it in front when they are little then on your back or hip as they get older. It distributes the weight on your hips so it does not pull on your back. My youngest is 20 months and I wear him on my back often. Good Luck!!! And by the way, Baby C is too cute :)

Susan said...

I have a mei tai and spent tons of money on fabric to have it made just like I wanted it. Hated it with a white hot passion. We ended up with a Bjorn type carrier we bought in China and loved it. Easy on, easy off, babe was fine in it, but she was also 11 pounds heavier than C and slightly bigger :)

He is soooo stinking cute!

Kris said...

We also used a bjorn when Megan was smaller, but I think they have to be at least 8lbs, but I'm not sure. I would borrow one first, though, as it's not comfortable for everyone. (I'm also "top heavy" haha and it worked fine) It was fine when she was under 16lbs, but from then on, it absolutely KILLED my shoulders and I haven't used it at all.

I've heard good things about the ergo, but one of the families in our travel group had one and she had to have help getting in it every time. (But then was a bit "needy", if you ask me.) That wouldn't work for me, what-so-ever.

I have a sling that I got from lucky-baby.com I really like it, now. I'm not sure how I'd like it with a little bitty guy, though. You can also get them at target--sold under the name of Hotslings. Same thing...just different vendors. You can also find the Hotslings online at hotsling.com, but they are MUCH cheaper at Target. I've seen many women use them with infants, Megan just didn't like it when she has very little head control, but wanted to see out. Now I use it to support her on my hip and it works great! Saves my arms and back and she feels like I'm holding her.

You can also do some research on thebabywearer.com. I found some interesting stuff on there, but haven't been on for some time.

TIFFANY & CO. said...

With Marina & Molly we used a Baby Bjorn. Excellent ... no major complaints, but my back did hurt after a while.

When Nolan was born, I bought a Hot Sling. LOVED it even more, could wear it longer and we still use it cause it does many positions. I bought mine off of ebay, but I saw them in Target recently.

Michael and Carrie said...

When we went to Russia and first got home, we used a Baby Bjorn that my sister had used with her kids. It worked really well and was not too tough on our backs-S was about 15 lbs at the time. I think it goes to around 25 lbs-we could still use it if we could get S to stay still long enough to get him in it! :) It is easy to get on/off once you get the hang of it, and it frees up your hands if you are shopping, walking, etc. He is so precious. I hope D is doing well, too! I bet she is loving being a big sister!

Roseanne said...

Hi, Congrats on your little bundle, he is a beauty. I just stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago. I love it, it really helps to hear other people's experiences. Anyway, being an XL mom myself, I think the baby carriers stink. None work or are comfortable. With that said, you can always give one a try for yourself. Baby Bjorn has one appropriatly called XL, or you can try the website:www.plus-size-pregnancy.org and click on main index and scroll down to carriers; there is quite a list.
PS: Remember, "Back to Sleep" All babies should be put to sleep on their backs it is the safest.

Andrea said...

Little guy in our class had a brand new baby brother last year, and his mum swore by the Moby wrap. You almost never saw the baby out of his, lol! I have never used one myself, but according to her it was the best thing she'd found, and I am going to buy one for a cousin who's due in September. The mum who told me about hers was a very petite woman but the website does say that the wrap will also comfortably fit large-busted and/or most plus sized women, as well as most Dads. It should hold little C comfortably, too, because they say the Moby can be used for kangaroo care (skin to skin wearing of preemie infants) so it might be worth looking into :)