11 December, 2007

Catching up and adding pictures

Well, it's official - I will not be having any internet at home until we move into our new house. The mobile home was "wired by owner" and the phone connection is not compatible for even dial up. I tried for over 35 minutes yesterday to just get ON the internet, much less do anything.

So, today I am at hubby's office, filling in for the receptionist while the staff has their Christmas luncheon. So, since I have no duties except to answer the phone and say hello, I'll update my blog.

I went ahead and brought my camera card too, so I'll just do my pix from here.

We have a foundation, but it must sit and cure for 5-7 days, so there has been nothing else done to the new house since last Friday. I've been hoping they'll get started this Thursday with the framing. It will be so exciting to see the walls finally going up!

Still nothing new on the adoption front. We've got to get our home-study update done in the near future. Also, our fingerprints expire in January, so we'll have to see about having those done again too. I haven't gotten to check blogs, or FRUA in ages. So I feel so out of the loop.

Ok, I'll add some pix of our latest house adventures!

November 6 - The culvert was added so trucks could get onto the property

November 19 - We were so excited when after 2 weeks of NOTHING happening, we saw the port-a-potty had been delivered!!! This meant things were about to begin. See the little white paper posted on the pole? That is what held us up for two weeks - the permit!

November 27 -Seeing these forms go up was one of the most exciting things we had experienced up to that point! We were just ecstatic to finally see the outline of our new home!

December 3 - And the then plumber came and laid the foundation pipes!
It is great to look and think, "ok, there's my corner tub, the potty, the sink,
the dishwasher etc, etc."

December 5 - The Electrician came to do the initial foundation wiring!

December 6 - The concrete crew came out and prepared the slab for pouring the foundation! I thought it was interesting how they dug a deeper area for our fireplace (it'll be in the corner of the family room)

December 7 - On the way to school, D and hubby stopped by "the land" and saw the concrete crew had already been hard at work for a while. Our foundation was being poured!

A crew of 12 men worked quickly and by 10:00 our foundation was poured. The rest of the day they trowled, smoothed and leveled it.

And that brings us to today where we just wait for it to cure. It's been raining a bit every night, but that shouldn't hold it up from curing. It looks so small right now, just looking at the cement slab, but everyone warned us that it would!


Maggie said...

Very exciting to see it really being built now! I'm happy for you.

Joy said...

All good homes start with a solid foundation. I am so happy to see that your foundation is very solid.

jessy said...

WooHoo! Moving right along aren't we?

Chelley said...

Joy really sumed it up so well!

HOw very exciting!

I hope that there are not too many delays with bulding from here on out!

Debbie B said...

I'm so sad no more internet. You mentioned problems yesterday but I didn't realize you wouldn't have it anymore. Understandable though. Hope they get moving very fast on that house so you can get back up and running and in the loop.

Foundation looks great. Very happy to see it is coming along.

Michael and Carrie said...

Congrats on your house progress! It seems to be going very well!

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beckyww said...

Hey Suzie: I don't have your email address here at home (it's at work) - could you please ping me? Got something to ask you.