27 September, 2007

Pix and a video of the Tree Removal; Next Steps in Building

Some of the trees after cutting. You can see the big oak's trunk

in the upper left part of the clearing.
All clean! Bring on the dirt and let's build a pad!

The video below is of the big pine coming down. It would have been right outside my kitchen window. As you can see, there are plenty left. We have no shortage of trees in East Texas, I promise! To fully understand how large this tree was, notice how tiny the guys look at the base of it.

The next steps, as far as we understand, will be:

  • The electric company will come and reset the pole so that it won't be right in front of our living room window.
  • The architect finishes the final drawings. It's looking like I won't have room for my corner soaking tub :o( so he's redrawing and trying to re-configure the master bath. That's pretty much all that's holding up the drawings - my bathtub :O)
  • The bank is doing title research to check and recheck that the title is clear on the property all the way back to the history of the city. That's what happens when you live in oil and gas country! Yep, there's a gas pipeline going up the side of our property, but no we don't have mineral rights to it.
  • Once the bank's research is done (they're nearly finished) we sign the final papers.
  • The builder begins his part of the project.
  • We haven't decided if we'll have dirt work done seperately from the builder or not. We may just let them do it all. It would save a little money to have it done ourselves, but we're not sure it would be worth it. What if they didn't get the pad level???!! We'll most likely wait on the builder for that. So, we may have a couple weeks of nothing.

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Chelley said...

there are so many ongoing odds and ends huh!

how exciting to be able to have everything FRESH and new!

You been the only person to live it in!! Wow that just makes me drool! Yes I am sad so stop laughing!!!

And all the hold up for a bath TUB?!?!???!

Get the BIG ONE for the long soak in the tub in your spare time!!!

We did and I have been in it once in the year and half we have had it!