23 September, 2007

"The Land"

We call the property we are going to build our house on "the Land".

I took a little video clip of "the Land" before the work gets started.

I plan to document the building all throughout as we go.

We will have the trees removed this week, so things are about to begin. So here is "the Land" before we get started. *We'll have 8 trees and 2 stumps removed. There is a big stump in the middle of my laundry room right now! 3 oaks and 5 pines. The one huge oak just kills me to have to remove, it's beautiful, but there's no way around it.

We have 3 lots which are equal to about 1 & 1/2 acres total. We'll build in the middle of two lots and leave the other free in case we want to sell it some day. There are very few lots left in the city limits, so it was an investment for the future.

If you look carefully, you can see where we staked it out ourselves a couple weeks ago and strung pink rope around the perimeter.

Ok, the property begins at the pole right as I start the video and ends at the pole beside the orange pipe at the end.


Chelley said...

Wow how peaceful does it look!

Chelley said...

how many treas do you need to take down?

oh and where am I on your blog roll LOL LOL !

Detra, Matt 19:26 said...

Suz, its perfect!!! I love the shade trees, and you have the prettiest green grass! I'm so happy for you all!!

Matt 19:26

Chelley said...


What did you go to bed with?

check out


C.C. said...

Very beautiful! Are you going to have plenty of room for the BM's to come visit?? :-)

Debbie said...

Looks amazing. I want to move next door. I love all the trees. Seems like you'll still have plenty.

Now if it were my Dave planning it he would have somehow worked that oak tree into the house plans and we would have had a tree inside the house.

jessy said...

Wow! Your a regular land baron. That is a beautiful lot.