25 September, 2007

Busy Day

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Wow, this has been a busy day.

It didn't really start out that way, but definitely ended up being one.

I finally got that adoption paperwork going.

It was hard to get with it, I don't really understand why. Just emotional, I guess. I do know that when I went to the file box to get Viktoria's 1st dossier out I nearly cried. See, we ended up doing 3 full dossiers for Viktoria. I had printed out cute little covers with a different baby doll on each and the title "Viktoria's 1st Dossier; 2nd Dossier, etc." Just knowing we did all this for a child that will never be ours is just hard. It's hard to turn my thoughts to a new unknown child. But I got it started. I just have one more document to do before sending it to Austin, but I'm waiting to hear back from our casemanager on how to go about it with our moving and all.

Another bummer to realize was that when we did this stage of the paperwork for Viktoria's adoption, it was 6 September, 2005. Over two years ago. It makes my stomach hurt all over again just to write that.

After working all morning on that, I went to the church to finalize the women's retreat rooming list. We've ended up with 73 ladies going. I think it will be really fun. The planning is just killer. Even with delegating responsibilities to others, I still end up carrying out a lot of the demands. Maybe that means I'm not a very good delegator, so therefore shouldn't chair such big events in the future??

We worked till it was time to pick D up from school then back I went (with D) to Hubby's office at the church to finish up the adoption paperwork and print it out (our printer is dead at home.)

We came home at 4:30 and I started dinner while D played a bit. We ate dinner, did homework (spelling words), got D's bath done, hair dried and up in curlers then off to bed.

About 9-ish the tree guys called to say they'll be at "the Land" early in the morning to cut the trees! Yay, it begins!! Only I wanted to take one more "before" picture. Oh well.

By the way, Hubby has a humongo case of poison ivy from "the Land." Had I mentioned that? He finally went to the doctor yesterday.

Ok, it's past my bedtime and tomorrow is bound to be another busy day.

So much for the slow, meandering country life, huh??

p.s. Has anyone noticed my ongoing different "roads" on each post? Or am I wasting my time on that??


Chelley said...

I had noticed the roads And have esp like how you kinda linked the post to the pic of the road.....

Very cute....

Susan&Wayne said...

Yes, I noticed the roads. It has been said that every long journey (i.e. down the long and winding road to home) begins with one step. And it is one step at a time. You are on the right road now....when she is ready, you will bring her home. One day you will look back (on the road you have completed traveling) and your eyes will be opened....and you will understand....and know why. We pray for you and your family.

All the best.

Debbie said...

You have been busy. Planning a retreat that large is a big task.

I pray for you daily. For strength and that this wait is shorter and has only one dossier (a girl can dream!!).

Lea said...

I noticed the roads too. I like your new site. Congratulations! You have taken a big step. Hopefully this time it will go very quickly and you will have your daughter home soon.

JennStar said...

Planning a retreat is no easy task! And you are like I am- sometimes it's best for me to handle certain details because I know they'll get done the way I want them done; that coupled with not wanting to delegate out the small stuff because I feel bad asking someone to do it when I can handle it. *sigh* Yes, we'll say this should be your last "retreat coordinator" position for a while because you'll be traveling soon and will need to have that time for your new daughter! I claim that in Jesus' Name!
Have a great day!!

Esther said...

I love the pictures you are posting ;o)

I can so relate to all you've written about the paperwork. We too did the same. Too many dossiers, too many homestudies. After the third homestudy, we didn't know if we could bear another. Being of course that would mean we'd been trying to adopt for FOUR years at the fourth homestudy? We seriously thought we'd bag it.

By the time we get the girls adoption decree in court, we will be in our fourth year of adoption. It's a long road..........
Hang in there ;o)