04 July, 2010

July 4th

The kids are still feeling a little puny, Daddy's got it now too - poor Daddy. Mommy is getting better but still not best.

Aunt D sent the kids some July 4th shirts (along with some other goodies) so I took some pix this morning after they finished feeding the rabbit.

I broke down and bought C some of the new Huggies diapers that look like blue jeans. They're really pretty cute, I think.
Yes, they're cute and C liked them. Thumbs down on absorbancy. We went through them really quick because we were changing lots of diapers. We're back to our regular old Luvs size 4. We love Luvs.
Here is C giving the baby a "kiss."

Here is Mommy trying to get a picture of the cute diaper.

This is what most pictures end up looking like when trying to get a picture of our little Taz! Thank goodness for digital cameras where we can take oodles of pictures in order to get ONE good one!

We're making homemade vanilla ice cream right now, the machine is sounding like it's almost ready!

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Debbie B said...

Love the diapers. And that pic of C on the sofa is a great one. Really shows his energy.