06 January, 2010

Picture of the Day - 1/6/10

I've been getting lots of C's outgrown baby things ready to give to a friend who is having a baby boy in a couple of months. I cleaned his baby car seat and got it re-set for a tiny baby. When C was born, he was the same size as D's new doll, so I made the straps a little big on her since C was extra tiny.

The top picture is C taking his "car seat test" before he could leave the NICU. He had to show that he was able to handle the 1 hour ride home without slumping so much it impaired his breathing. Looking at this picture, it looks like C was smaller than the baby doll!

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jessy said...

OOOOh, yes, I remember the dreaded car seat test. Ours was FOUR hours.