11 January, 2010

Picture of the Day - 1/11/10

Trying to get back into the habit of cloth diapering C. When he had his surgery in August I stopped because the ointment will cause them to repel instead of absorb. I spent time organizing and preparing the diapers to use again. It really isn't that big of deal to do, especially with the new types of diapers available these days.

p.s. Stacy, I really like the convenience of the pocket diapers, I only have one Fuzzi Bunz left, that yellow one in the bottom of the second bin from the left. I have two Bum Genius that I like to use over night. I have 4 Bagshot Row Bamboo (you have to use a cover with) and 5 Snap EZ Ecos that are similar to Fuzzi Bunz and I liked them better than Fuzzi Bunz. I have home-made 7 pocket dipes that need covers and I really love them. I also have about 7 prefolds to use with covers and I like them too. I have a mish-mosh and love most all of them.

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Stacy said...

I fell in LOVE with cloth diapering....with the twins...the 4th and 5th kids. Wish I had known sooner. What is your favorite things to use? I only used Fuzzibunz because some were given to me and some were very, very cheap. It is an addiction I think. I love sorting through all that is available. Twins are potty trained now.