02 January, 2010

2010 Pictures of the Day

Ok, I'm going to try this, we'll see how well I can do at it. The goal is to post a picture every day in 2010 .

Jan. 2, 2010: D with her Paperroni Elephant creation she got for Christmas from her cousins B, K & L.

Since I just heard about this challenge today, I'll have to back track with yesterday's picture.

Jan. 1, 2010
Downtown Dallas on New Years at midnight with fireworks over the American Airline Center. Taken from the 21st floor of the Renaissance Hotel.
Ok, so far so good. Just 363 to go :O)


Chelley said...

well i am def looking forward to that!

oh and D has really become such a lil lady

Debbie B said...

I'm trying this as well but am only going to post the pics once a week in one post. Great pic of D.