11 December, 2009


C has "mostly" left the tree alone, I don't think we could expect more from a 16 month old. BUT he has found the power strip and many, many times each day I have been finding the tree dark. You'll notice the lack of "ornamentation" on the bottom part of the tree (it's much more noticeable when the lights are off) and yes we do have gifts, but they're stacked up in the office out of reach from little hands. We'll put them under the tree Christmas Eve night after the kids are in bed :O)


jessy said...

Hmm...wondering if we should have tried that. We've always just taken the smack-their-little-hands-till-they-get-the-message approach. Up until now, it has worked, but I've lost 4 ornaments with Cara!! I think she is going to be one head strong little stinker.
She hasn't noticed the presents though. Thank goodness!

Debbie B said...

Haha! So much fun! We have a bunch on the bottom but all ones she can take off and likely won't break. And only a couple of hooks up high. She can't reach the plug but tries to blow it out.

Pat and Alli said...

Love the pictures! Now that my two are 5 I had forgotten about having to watch things around little ones. Hee hee.

Have a magical Christmas.