12 August, 2009

Surgery and Such

C had surgery Monday morning and although Mommy was so scared about them putting him to sleep he did really well. He had some boy stuff surgery done. He was pretty out of it Monday afternoon and evening but by about mid morning yesterday he was acting pretty ok with just occasional bouts of fussiness (I'd be fussy too - probaby fussier!) He keeps waking and going back to sleep this morning, so here I am on the computer. I'll hear him on the monitor and get up and by the time I get back to him he's asleep again.

So here are some pictures of his surgery day:

^Hanging out in the holding room, not having a clue what's coming up!

^He fell asleep waiting. We'd all been awake since 3-ish a.m.!

^After his dose of goofy juice.

^The nurse came to get him to take him to surgery. I was surprise he didn't complain at all about her taking him, I guess the goofy juice did its job. They just carried him around, to the surgery and when we went back to recovery afterward they were holding him at the nurses station. He was the tiniest patient of the day.

^After the surgery in the recovery room. Poor little guy! Mommy was trying to make him feel better.


Debbie B said...

Poor little guy and poor mommy. That last one is just so sad. Glad he's doing okay after his surgery.

Joy said...

Oh I hope little C feels better. I think it stinks when kids have to have surgery. It is heartbreaking even if it is a minor one.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Pat and Alli said...

I'm glad everything went well :)