20 July, 2009

Some C Cuteness - just because.

I think Grandparents are having withdrawals from seeing C, so here are some day to day pix. He's growing and changing so fast!

I had to pull the pack-n-play into the kitchen so I could get the dishwasher loaded. He is just into everything and he is so strong he can totally lift the bottom rack out of the dishwasher and remove it! He didn't love having to get into the pack-n-play, but he got over it and soon started playing and "reading."
Here he is toddling away after getting his diaper changed (into his racecar diaper that I made!) This was about a week 1/2 ago, he isn't holding his hands up like that anymore. He's zooming now!

C's first time swimming in a big pool. He really liked it and knew how to kick his legs naturally.

I'll have to take some new pictures, I've been falling down on the job lately! I'll try to keep up better.


Debbie B said...

Not just the grandparents. I miss his all boy cuteness too.
Love the toddling one.

Michael, Carrie, and S said...

He is just precious! You have adorable kids! I enjoyed D's cooking blog, too! :)

beckyww said...

He's a doll!