21 April, 2009

I need to cook

I really need to start cooking more. I run out of ideas and the same ol' stuff gets boring.

You'll notice I added a bunch of mom blogs on my bloglist that have gobs of ideas for quick, easy, cheap dinners.

The one named $5 Dinners is a good one and she is on Rachel Ray today! It comes on here in 22 minutes. I can't wait to watch!

So, what am I making for dinner tonight? I dunno. Maybe I'll figure something out watching Rachel Ray :O)


WendyDarling said...

Hi, Susie :-) I have so enjoyed looking at your blog. ;-) I really need to update mine.

I enjoy $5 meals as well, and I thought I would pass on another very helpful blog. I visit this A LOT.


She also hosts a recipe swap on Fridays, and I have gotten a lot of great recipe ideas from there. :-)

jessy said...

Well, What did we have tonight?
Your post inspired me and I made a Rachel Ray recipe for dinner: Pasta Pesto.
I haven't been in my cooking groove lately. It's hard to get excited about the evening meal when I know folks are just going to be woofing it down on our way out to ball games. Ugh. We've been eating alot of sandwhiches and hot dogs. Double Ugh.

The Holmes Crew said...

My least stressful days are those in which we're either doing take-out, or, those where I've planned ahead and know early on what's for dinner!

Clarese said...

Hi Suz,

Thank you for your comment on my blog - I have been enjoying browsing through both of your blogs. Your kids are both absolutley adorable!!

kate said...

I've been thinking the same thing. I am so tired of everything I make.

AND, I don't eat red meat. I bet d2b will need some iron-rich red meat when she comes home.