28 December, 2008

D! Our Televised Artist!!

Tonight as D and Hubby were flipping channels on TV, she said, "hey, that was my picture." Her Daddy didn't understand what she meant. She said, "that was my drawing on TV" (very matter of factly - as though all children have their artwork televised on National TV!)

A few weeks ago, she drew a picture online and it was shown on Noggin tonight!

(Discomom(m)y is the name she uses to play Webkinz since her first Webkin is named Disco, a pink pony with sparkly feet that look like disco balls, and she is Disco's mommy - get it?)


Rachael said...

How cool is that?!

Debbie B said...

So neat! Great picture

Michael and Carrie said...

Very cool! She is quite the little artist! :)