08 December, 2008

Christmas at our house

We have been super busy around here Christmassing.

We put our Christmas tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is a flocked Frasier Fir. I've always wanted a flocked tree and wanted one especially for our first Christmas in our new house. This picture doesn't really show how pretty it is.

Last Monday night was our town's Christmas parade and D rode on the church float which portrayed bedtime in Toyland. She wore her fleece footie pajamas with lots underneath :O) She is wearing her white hat and scarf that we bought for her in Ulyanovsk when we went to meet Viktoria.

Thursday night we had our Christmas open house. We had at least 106 people (we counted that many-may have missed some). It was alot of work, but alot of fun too. It took about a week to get everything ready and we were rushing around until the last minute getting the food ready, it was like we were on one of those cooking challenges trying to get everything set out with minutes to spare. It was from 5-8 p.m. and right at 5 we had at least 35 show up! I didn't even have C dressed yet!

Friday and Saturday, D and Hubby were at Christmas Choir Camp getting their musical prepared. It was D's first sleep-away at camp and she was beyond excited!

Yesterday after church I took D by the post office to mail her letter to Santa. She is asking this year for a Wii and a WowWee Alive Polar Bear Cub.

I'm kind of vegging out today!

We still need to go see Santa.


Suzanne said...

wow - 106 - I'd have to veg out for a couple of months after that!

Did you get your Christmas stockings in Russia? We have some that look very similar.



Chelley said...

aww doesnt the house look so PRETTY

and the tree looks FULL heheh where is santa going to leave his gifts?????

Debbie B said...

House looks great. Seems gifts get more expensive as they get older.

jessy said...

I'm tired just reading about your schedule. The house looks beautiful!

Kris said...

Beautiful decor!

BTW--you've been tagged. Just my blog.

beckyww said...

Your home is BEAUTIFUL! Come visit here! And bring your ladder!

Chris said...

Your house looks great and very pretty with the Christmas lights.

Glad you are all doing so well!