12 November, 2008

Referral Pictures

Jessy had a request on her blog that we upload our kids' referral pictures. We didn't get a picture of D, only a video so this is a picture I took from the video to put in her little story book. I couldn't get it out of the book, so you get a view of the whole page :O)

And here is D now. This is her 2nd grade School picture. I'm really happy with the way they turned out this year!

Of course we didn't have a referral picture of C. The first view I had of him was of a tiny little headful of black hair entering the world about 10 feet across the room from where I sat! Now THAT'S a referral picture, right??!!!

Here's a couple of recent pictures of our little Punkin.

This is the first time he had ever fallen asleep in his bouncy seat :O)


Chelley said...

Oh wow thanks for showing/sharing these lovely photos!

Is D cute or what!!!! Duh silly question to ask you huh!!!!

I am glad that C wasnt born with that little suit on!! +++giggle++++

jessy said...

Thanks for posting. I realize now that I'v never seen D's referral picture. She looks plump in the picture but I bet they had her dressed in three or four sleepers, right?

Suz said...

Jessy, she's never had a plump day in her life LOL.

She probably had on four layers in that picture :O)

Debbie B said...

Great pics. D is so cute in her referral picture. And she's a beautiful little girl now.

C is adorable in that pumpkin outfit. I can't believe he has never fallen asleep in the bouncy seat.

Michael and Carrie said...

You have such beautiful children. It is wonderful that you have an early picture/video of D and that you got to see C when he was born!