18 August, 2008

Baby Shower & 100th post

Our church gave us a baby shower yesterday afternoon. Wow, I believe C has the most stuff of any not yet three week old baby in Texas! He'll be the cutest burper/spitter-upper in the three state area! I still have to count, but I think we received at least 20 monogrammed burp-towels!! My camera went kaput in the middle of the shower, so I'll have to get a picture from one of the hostesses of all the gifts displayed at the end.

Here are a few pictures of the day yesterday.

We took C to church at the very end of the service, I snuck in the back and sat in the cry room until the very end. While some announcements were being made, Hubby came back there with me and he carried C to front to be introduced. He was holding him in the air, Lion King style, and had the sound techs play, "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You." Of course all the grandmas in the congregation were worried he'd drop him! While hubby was "flying" C to the front, I went over and got D from Grandma and Grandpa from our usual front row pew. Edited: Hubby is one of the Pastors at our church, so that's why such a big deal was made of introducing C. The church has been involved in this long and difficult adoption with us every minute, so it was a joyous celebration for the whole church!
I had to really search to find the kind of outfit I wanted him to wear his first time to church. I finally found this preemie suit at Dillards, the only one they had! I took this picture right before we left for church.

Here are a couple pics from the shower.

D received several Big Sister gifts and a button that says, "I'm the Big Sister."

Here is a sweet picture of C. He likes to be swaddled, but he doesn't like his hands or feet to be confined. I had bundled him in a "burrito grande", two blankets for a double swaddle. I went in a few minutes later and he'd loosed his feet and hands even from that! Then he was just as content as could be!

p.s. this is my 100th post!


Patti said...

He's the cutest baby burrito I've ever seen! I am just so happy for you and your family. Praise the Lord!

U.N. Mama said...

Ah! A boy after my own heart! I hate anything to be on my feet :o)

Debbie B said...

You look so thrilled! Glad D received some big sister gifts, I'm sure it helped her not feel left out.

Isabel does the same thing. Only thing that keeps her arms in for awhile is the miracle blanket.
He looks adorable though with his fists up by his face sleeping peacefully.

Debbie B said...

Oh and the suit is very sharp. I love how hubby brought him into church. What an entrance for the long awaited little man.

Chelley said...

He is the cutest baby boy or what?!?!?!?

and look at those LITTLE feet!!! AWW AWWW

Congrats on a 100 posts...

just a question but what happens with your Russian adopting now?

Dede said...

Congrats on your 100th post!
Love the little feet poking out...too cute!

Kris said...

What a cutie...

Pep said...

Awe - You have a beautiful family - and who would of know the Lord was "working" in your life, so close to home! Congratulations!
Hug, Pep