21 February, 2008

Thursday Things

Not much to update. The house is just sitting for the last two days - ugh. I don't like these nothing days. They delivered the sheetrock on Monday and the plumber finished up his work for now. Got the Shower and D's tub plumbing "roughed in." We woke up to huge rain this morning and hubby stopped by the house after dropping D off at school. There were 4 leaks! I'm so glad we learned of them now, though, instead of after sheetrock had been hung. The hugest leak is coming from the chimney and then the others are around vent things. The contractor came out and hubby showed him everything. Hopefully they'll get that taken care of and this rain will leave! It's supposed to be pretty tomorrow (clear and low 60's).

Our lighting plan has changed a bit. We ended up about $750 over our lighting budget after our shopping spree at the Light Gallery. So we went to Lowe's to compare. We ended up getting about 75% of our lighting on Saturday! It was so fun. They were so much less expensive and very comparative in quality. Our biggest find was the hall lights and toilet room lights that were about $30 each at the Gallery were available for virtually the same exact light in a 2 pack at Lowes for $16.50 per two pack! We also went ahead and got our blinds for the whole house and our mirror/medicine cabinets for the Master Bath. It all fit into our van, believe it or not! We drove home in a torrential downpour, though, so we didn't unload it that night and I had to drive to church with my van loaded down LOL!

Here is D in the van on the way to church
Sunday morning surrounded by lights!

This is the two-pack of hall/toilet room lights from Lowes
that is comparative to that at the gallery.

This is the light from the Gallery which is comparative to the Lowes two-pack.

Still nothing new adoption-wise either, not a peep about pending accreditation. I did read an update in ITAR-TASS about a flu epidemic that is in our region. So pray for those kids and caretakers and especially for our little one!


Amy said...

I really like your light selection. If you bought anymore, there would have been no room for D (LOL). When do you plan to move in?

I hear ya about not hearing a PEEP about accreditation. It's so quiet again, I'm getting nervous.

Debbie B said...

Very impressive bargain shopping. Glad you've got that step down.
What a blessing to find the leaks now while they're still building and not once it's done. It's about mid-40's here today, chilly.

I'll be praying for you daughter to remain healthy and loved until you get her home but especially now with the flu.

Patti said...

You got some great deals on lighting! Sorry you haven't heard any news about accreditation. The wait can be hard. Hang in there!

God bless, Patti