15 February, 2008

I'm still here

It's been a while since I've posted, I know. I've not had time to do anything but read a few e-mails when I've stopped by hubby's office and I don't think I've even been online since Monday.

Still nothing new with the adoption. The dossier is off and now we just wait for the additional documents to be translated and wait for accreditation. I really thought Accreditation would happen yesterday, on Valentines day. Maybe the end of the month afterall?

On the new house topic. I don't have many new pictures of the house because nothing new has been done to the outside. They have been working all week on the inside, but it's been plumbing work and getting things ready for insulation. Not much to take a picture of there. Today they set the insulation so we can't walk through walls anymore - Yay! The sheetrock will be delivered Monday which I take to mean that they'll begin working on that Monday!

We had to pick out paint colors and texture for the walls. So Monday morning we went and chose our flooring because I didn't want to choose paint before I chose flooring. So we picked out our laminate wood flooring, carpet and tile-like vinyl.

Here is everything together to show how they all blend together.

Here's up close of the carpet with the wood.

After we left the carpet place we decided to go to the Lighting Gallery and get started on our lighting choices. Wow, that was overwhelming! So many choices! But we took it one room at a time and it was fun. Here are a few of the lights we've chosen:

There will be two of these on each end of the kitchen along with 3 pendant (hanging) lights over the island. We still need to choose those elsewhere, they didn't have any we just loved.

This is the Chandelier in the Dining Room

This will be the Ceiling Fan/light in both the Family Room and Master Bedroom

This is the ceiling fan/light for the girls' rooms (click to enlarge and see detail)

This is the lighting fixture for the girls' bathroom (2 of these)

This is the front porch lighting, one on either side of the front door.


beckyww said...

Love the fixtures, girl!

Debbie B said...

Maybe it will happen Monday. On President's Day. When government offices will be closed...

Love the lights and all. The carpet looks soft and comfy.

Denise :o) said...

It's been a long time since I checked in with you! Your house is coming right along and looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Glad to hear your dossier is sitting in Russia... waiting for accredidation. It will be one of the first in line! YAY!