13 January, 2008

Weekend Update

The Adoption: Good news. We learned on Friday that we will not have to update our home study afterall. Our most recent update is good until Mid-April, and hopefully we'll be in our new house near that time (probably a few weeks later). So, our case manager says we can go with the current home study for now! Yay! I was NOT looking forward to having an update at this mobile home. It would take an amazing miracle for us to have a new child while still living here. Not that it couldn't happen, but most likely it won't. If it did happen to occur that way, we'd just update the home study at the mobile home before going to court. So, all but two documents of the last dossier are now done and ready to send to Austin and hopefully I will be able to send that by Tuesday. We're on the adoption road again!

The House: They worked again on Saturday! They were there by 7:30 and worked until noon. It looks like we will have windows and doors within the week! Here are the latest pictures.

Thursday, January 10- They started bright and early adding the decking to the roof and by late afternoon they had all the decking on and the front part of the black stuff added.

Friday, January 11
- They began building the Dormers This was really exciting to me because this is one of the details I really, really wanted on our new house!

Saturday, January 12 - They continued working on the dormers, they began the detailing on the gable above D's room, they finished wrapping the front of the house and finished framing out all the windows (except for the window in the laundry room which for some reason,
they haven't cut out yet!)
Lots of progress this week!

In response to some of the comments asked on the January 9 post.
  • Chelley, This house is about 1000 square feet bigger than our last house, but the layout makes all the difference. There is no wasted space and lots of closet/storage space. The total square footage is 2,552. Our old house had no storage space!
  • And yes Chelley, we're using the same agency to complete our adoption. We've already paid completely everything we owe to the agency, so to switch agencies, we would be totally starting from scratch financially. That is just impossible for us. We love our agency, but don't love that they've been without accreditation. If money were not an object, we would definitely switch to a currently accredited and active agency.
  • Deb, I am praying that we'll hear accreditation news before the end of the month! But February would be ok, I guess.


Becky and Keith said...

The house looks SO good!! We added dormers to our house last year - one of the best decisions we've ever made! You'll love them! Great news on the adoption front with the home study!

Debbie B said...

Great news on the home study. I know you weren't looking forward to that.

It's really starting to look like a house.

kate said...

Your house looks like a HOUSE! It's beautiful.

And I soooo understand the financial investment in a...slow agency.

Joy said...

The house looks great. That is great that you can wait on the home study update.