01 October, 2007

Monday, Monday

Hey y'all. It's Monday again. I just want to go back and crawl in my bed. Yawn.

Thanks to Debbie, I finished reading The Right Fit (click on the title to read her review). It was really a good, quick, fun read. I read it in a little over two days, which is fast for me now that I'm a Mommy. If anyone wants me to send it on to them, I'd be glad to.

No news right now on the adoption front. Hopefully we'll get this dossier question hammered out today and send this stuff on to Austin. I do want to clarify that our dossier is NOT going to be submitted to Smolensk until after accreditation comes. It's just going to Moscow for translation, then to sit (& sit?) until the time comes that it can be submitted to the MOE. I sure hope we hear some good accreditation news this week. It sounds like it could be close according to some PAPs on FRUA.

On the house front, I think I'm going to get to keep my big, corner, soaking tub. The architect re-configured the bathroom and I think it's going to be better than ever! It gives Hubby and me two seperate vanity/sink areas on opposite sides of the bathroom. Hubby is loving this idea. His vanity area will be about 6 inches taller than mine so he won't have to bend down so far shaving. That was my idea, by the way :O) I hope we learn something else on the house this week so things can get started.

Nothing else much is new. I'll probably be pretty scattered until this Women's Retreat is over. How do these things grow so much? I thought this one was going to be so simple - uh - NO!

So, I'll be here and there, but mostly there.

**Edited on October 23 to add, no one has requested "The Right Fit" so if you're reading this after the fact and are still interested, let me know and I'll send it out to you.

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Debbie said...

Glad you liked the book. The tub looks so wonderful. What a great idea about the sink heights. I'll have to remember that if we ever build.