20 September, 2007

Throw-Up Thursday

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Sorry if anyone has a sensitive stomach.

D has the tummy bug.

Hubby drove her to school as usual this morning and right as they were pulling up to the line at school, D says she feels like she's going to throw-up. So Hubby pulls over to a grassy spot and tells her to lean out the door. Well, nothing happened.

So, in they go straight to the nurse. She has no temperature so it's off to class. Along the way, hubby asks if she is nervous about something. Well, come to find out they were to watch a Magic School Bus video today concerning the Five Senses, particularly focusing on the sense of touch. We had an episode last year of nervous tummy with these Magic School Bus videos. It justs icks her out to think of that bus going into people's bodies!

So, hubby has a talk with teacher about her nervousness about the movie. She said yesterday they read a story about Magic School Bus going into someone's eyeball (sense of sight). D started crying saying, "I don't like this story!" So, the plan was for D to sit with teacher during the movie today.

Didn't happen. The nurse called at 8:53 to tell me D is in her office and is truly throwing up. So, I called Hubby to see if he was available to go pick her up (he's much closer to her in town than I am out here in the country - could get there more quickly).

Hubby said when they walked down to her classroom to get her backpack you could smell the reek down the hall! Poor kids remaining! They had evacuated and the custodian was in there cleaning, he said he felt so bad for her. But in a way he was super glad it wasn't him! Poor custodian!

So, D is on the couch sipping 7-up and watching Sprout, NickJr and Disney Channel.

I think she'll be ok now.


jessy said...

I feel for D! What is the deal with first grade and The Magic Schoolbus? I'm a grown person and those books sometimes turn my stomache. Abby says they watch one Magic Schoolbus show every day. Nasty.

Debbie said...

Oh the poor thing. So sorry she's feeling ill. Hope she does better in the morning.
I'm with her on the school bus in the eye, that would freak me out too.

Chelley said...

ugh Poor D... Nonthing worse than been sick but been sick at school just sucks!